80 days endings

80 days endings
October 28, 2020

The reason for this is that he takes your picture after you thank him, and this is how Goland ends up finding you in the end. Also you need to beat Charlie Sullivan to afford the airship to London from New York, and talk to the man on the Warsaw train to speed up the Trans-Siberian. You’ll be given a number of different possible things to do when you first enter Urga. In the aftermath of the Academy Awards ceremony on March 27, 1957, the Decca Records soundtrack album for Around the World in 80 Days became a massive hit, entering the Billboard chart for the week ending April 13 and rising to number one for the first of ten weeks on July 22, which made it second only to the Elvis Presley soundtrack Loving You as the most successful LP of 1957. 80 Days is a video game released in 2014 by Inkle, and is the subject of this wiki. Other platforms: Nintendo Switch™,Mac/PC: Steam, GOG, Humble. Click here for the short version of my recommended route without all the commentary. The game involves heavy use of the interactive fiction, a hallmark of Inkle games, which allow the player to make story-impacting choices as they play. It may be a small, relatively unremarkable change in the ending dialogue, but it’s very satisfying if, like me, you had things end bitterly the first time you met her. War is coming to Europe, and the city of Belgrade is the first casualty. Found by 60 players. Completely pointless? Now a wasteland, the only way in is to talk your way aboard a military transport.

March 19, 2015 by Jake Arias. “80 Days captures the original text's wide-eyed spirit of adventure, its fascination with the technological advancements of the time, and the wonders of the world itself - 9/10” EDGE magazine “One of the finest examples of branching narrative yet created.” But be warned, he plans to travel a lot further than 20,000 leagues. Still, I can only vouch for the below dialogue working.

A basic guide to Inkle's 80 Days game. 223 talking about this.

Be sure to hold on to this for the moment, and travel south to Urga: On the way, you’ll meet some police-types who are looking for someone. 80 Days: 14 Reasons to Explore This Ridiculously Deep Mobile Game. If you want to be entirely safe, you can always leave her to sneak in on her own, but if you’d rather help her out, I always make a point to dress her in someone else’s clothes (you have the choice between Fogg and some other person I can’t remember the name of—don’t choose Fogg) and when given the opportunity, choose the option of speaking loudly in French.

Force stop the application.

If they arrive at the 79th day, they will board a carriage in London and Passepartout may choose between 4 options to make them arrive at Reform Club faster. Available now for Nintendo Switch™, as well as Windows, macOS, iOS and Android via Steam, GoG, Humble, the App Store and Google Play. Your call.

All rights reserved. If the player followed Michel Ardan to Miami and boarded the rocket to the Moon, regardless of the player choices in the rocket, Passepartout will be launched off the rocket and will return to London without Fogg via Pitcairn Island. The very first time I played through 80 Days, I stumbled onto Goland, the Mongolian princess who you meet (and are potentially kissed by) while traveling through Russia. Greetings everyone! Once you arrive back in London (provided you’re in time to win the wager), you should get the fairly-unremarkable ending where Goland shows up. I’ve worked out a route that should allow you to get this ending while still making it back within 80 Days, and I’ve made a point to test a number of different things to figure out what triggers this ending and what you should absolutely not do.

Every city and journey is narrated via an interactive story where you control every action.

Hundreds of journeys, thousands of routes. You can get the achievements in any order but connecting them helps to avoid repetitiveness in case of a few failures.

Found by 784 players. Found by 24 players. In true Agatha Christie fashion you have six days to crack the case: can you figure out who killed Madame Shu?

© 2012-2020 Killa Penguin - This site uses Google Adsense, Google Analytics, and on rare occasions, Amazon affiliate links. Takes a few tries to not run out of money, but if you're lucky it will work. Personally, I’ve done both and never been caught, but I suppose the possibility exists. This game is hard for me. 80 Days is loosely based Jules Verne's classic novel 'Around the World in Eighty Days', borrowing plot points and characters from it.

Another Verne character, Otto Lidenbrock, is looking for a passage to the centre of the Earth in the wrong volcanic country. Since there isn't a complete achievement guide yet to 80 days, I thought there should be one. She will confront Passepartout on the way back to London, and if he comforts her and shows remorse, the two can leave Fogg and head back to South America to take another shot at overthrowing the Artificers' Guild. Found by 3 players. He reports back to the confused Reform Club, who simply declare the wager moot and tell a distressed Passepartout to go home. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. If you go to Kristiania through Cambridge, you arrive late at night and have to sleep first (doesn't matter whether you use a hotel or fast-forward time), thus getting the "empty city night" event, and after you explore the city next day, you get the generic night event, missing the opportunity to meet Lidenbrock. The main goal in 80 Days is to circumnavigate around the globe within the titular 80 days. You’ll spend the trip solving a little murder mystery, but there are no consequences for failing to solve it, so don’t sweat it. Maybe, but it feels like the right thing to do. There are several ways to fall in love on your travels, but only one of your paramours will be in London waiting for you at the end of the game, and only then if they know where to find you thanks to a picture in the paper. The story also has science fiction and steampunk elements, namely the existence of the Artificers' Guild, a world-spanning group that is the driving force behind the widespread development of automata. 80 Days is potentially one of the largest gamebooks in existence, clocking up at 750,000 words in total. Follows Phileas Fogg's tracks through Egypt, India, Japan, and finally to America in 80 days of adventure.

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