belgravia recap

belgravia recap
October 28, 2020

It’s up to Sophia’s father, James Trenchard (Philip Glenister), to break the devastating news to his daughter, although this bombshell takes place off-screen. So I find it very hard to believe they’d be all rah-rah about Maria’s (fairly rash–she also barely knows Charles, remember! So, anyway, the Trenchards are kind of a social dead-end, and Susan HATES that. Now, I’m going to take a moment here to say that I’m finding both John and Speer to be rather fun characters. We and our partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalise content and ads, provide social media features, and analyse our traffic.

Visit Penguin Random House’s website to find out where you can get a copy! Also: why would Maria be admitting this, and her feelings for Charles, to these two women?

Afterward, Speer provides her with an alibi, and Susan is well aware of what she now owes her own maid.

You saw him once at a party (did they even speak? And give my best love to papa. Posted by Kayleigh Dray for Life.

We pick up immediately after Caroline’s party, and everyone’s still talking about Charles and wondering what the heck he was doing there.

On the Anne side of things: she finds out that her maid has been writing to Sophia’s former maid, looking for information. Oliver throws a complete fit at his father’s club, because James doesn’t just disavow Charles right then and there. She runs all the way back to Belgravia, but she’s too late: Sophia’s maid has already taken the documents to Anne. It’s possible it’s Oliver who’s infertile and she assumes it’s her because that’s what people tended to assume in those days) and she might be disappointed about that, or maybe not, it’s hard to say. Perhaps he did something he later regretted, especially when he learned of his daughter’s unfortunate out-of-wedlock situation. Oliver, who’s already in a snit about Charles and the favour Caroline was showing him at the party, goes right over the edge when he sees him with his father. Things are closing in on Charles Pope as everyone circles and scrambles and completely forgets what era they’re living in.

Ellis can’t get her out of the house fast enough before grabbing the letters and taking them to Turton to make copies. Ok, if I’m being fair, that was a fairly significant thing to do. These women would have known all this.

And anyone who’s been to the pub or popped to the shops of late will know that feeling all too well: life, in 2020, feels similarly off-kilter thanks to those blaring coronavirus headlines. But of course, both Caroline and Anne are all gung-ho for Maria to throw over John to get together with Charles, and that’s another ‘yeah, no,’ from me. And yet, as soon as they meet, he’s like: ‘Hey, I have a love nest not too far away.’. It’s very clear that James is, to some extent, treating Charles like the son he always wanted but didn’t get. Belgravia Season 1, Episode 4 recap: John gets closer to the truth; Caroline is fine with the idea of Sophia and her late son having a secret love child if they were acting like foolish children caught up in the heat of the moment.

John pays Turton his blood money, but Turton refuses to hand over the first page of the letter (with Pope’s contact information on it) without being paid more money. A daughter would have been a strong motivation to move into society, but without that motivation, and weighted down by grief, well, what’s the point?

During a luncheon with his father, John admits he isn’t thrilled with his pending nuptials since Maria was all but presented to him with a bow, and he enjoys more of a chase.

Meanwhile, Oliver is proving to be more intelligent than any of these people, which is kind of surprising, really. Hurrah! She wants to move in high society, but can’t quite get there. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Poor Charles. On a weekend, you can usually find her drinking copious amounts of tea and playing boardgames with her friends.

As Anne Trenchard (Tamsin Greig) notes, it’s strange to prepare for a fancy night out when the world is on the brink of war. She certainly seems a bit checked out. Now that Anne’s learned Bellasis’ mother has no other children, though, might she be tempted to reveal the truth and secure her grandson’s inheritance?

He has two days to come up with the cash.

I mean, we know that John’s a cad, but you don’t. Belgravia Season 1, Episode 5 recap: Is Charles legitimate?

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As far as we’re aware, she doesn’t really have any reason to think they’d support her in this. 'Belgravia': Episode 4 Recap. “It was quite soon after the battle, so it was a long time ago now.”. Do you want your daughter’s name to be dragged through the mud by the rich London gossips?

Some story moved forward and a couple of characters got a little more interesting! You can change your mind and change your consent choices at anytime by returning to this site. Tragically, the doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding after she gave birth to the son she’d never wanted. Click below to consent or reject cookies.

All Stirred Up is a modern-day retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, set in the oh-so-delicious Edinburgh restaurant scene. The butler’s just kind of a bitter jerk, from the look of things. “I will not have the memory of our own daughter defaced,” he furiously replies when she suggests coming clean. Oliver rushes home and reports all this to his father.

Reeling, James goes home and reports all this to Anne, who’s baffled.

He’s trying to get Oliver involved in a large-scale project on the Isle of Dogs, but Oliver is only kind of interested in business. James goes to Charles’s office and lays all this out for him. His prospective mother-in-law, Lady Templemore, is also terrible at what she’s meant to be doing. Lady T reluctantly leaves and Maria immediately tells the other women that she has no intention of marrying John. Learn how your comment data is processed. James agrees with me and tells Anne that they need to make sure Sophia’s name is protected. That seems some sort of mark of favour, despite the duchess trying to steer her towards the more class-appropriate guests, but we have no idea how it came about or what it meant. As everyone in view celebrates the birth of the afternoon tea (yes, really, who would have thought that the Duchess of Bedford invented the institution in the 1840s?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. In order to preserve Sophia’s reputation, her parents arrange for the child to be brought up by a vicar and his family (as per the book of the same name), and the Trenchards provide for his education. 'Belgravia': Episode 2 Recap. Because the legendary Duchess of Richmond’s ball feels… well, it feels a little off.

At the very least, they’d council caution and tell her to really think about what she wants.

Well, because they… because they got married in a false ceremony, with one of Bellasis’ friends dressed up as a priest. Why? I’m not 100% sure of the legalities, but if Maria dumped John and then immediately got together with Charles, John might be able to sue for breach of promise. John goes to Speer, who is only too happy (for a bit of a payoff) to tell him he should speak to the butler and one of the other maids (Mrs Trenchard’s lady’s maid, I believe). 'Belgravia': Episode 3 Recap. “I thought we were married,” Sophia replies.

Anne starts to seem annoyed that her daughter’s going to be erased in this way, but honestly, what do you want, Anne?

So, now Pope’s adoptive mother knows that John is looking for information on her son. So when she receives a note from John, asking to meet him in the park, she jumps right on it, spins a convincing lie right off the top of her head about the letter being from a schoolfriend, and takes Speer with her as her chaperone.
There’s a little gossip, a dash of scandal and an overwhelming whiff of class divide, until all the uniformed men are forced to rush off to battle. Why? Episode two of Belgravia begins on Sunday 22 March at 9pm.

Drawn on the bank of Not in a Thousand Years?’. If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey, absolutely. And Maria isn’t at all put off when she hears the rumours about Charles’s nasty business dealings (which he pretty much denies to her. Related Story: Belgravia series premiere recap . Still are, in some circles. But whatever, this is total anachronistic fantasy.

He throws a tantrum, tosses the business papers he was bringing to his father all over the floor, and stomps out. Share this. Yeah, he was a bit of a dick there, but that could have just been passed off as awkward joking or just being socially awkward in general, so I’m not sure exactly where she’s drawing this from. 4/21/2020 in Drama by Lacy Baugher (Photo: Carnival Films) After a premiere installment that spent most of its time setting up the framework for the rest of the season through flashbacks, Belgravia’s second hour is much more the show we thought this series would be.

What more could you want from ITV on a Sunday evening, eh? John is kind of lousy at all this.

So the marriage is totally legit (despite there not being any witnesses, which I guess we’re just ignoring.)

The Trenchards worry about their secret getting out, Steven’s wife reminds him that they have nothing left to sell and he needs to figure something out, and John makes inroads with the butler.

Steven suggests John start with the servants. Charles does say that it’s probably best, under the circumstances, that James not remain invested with him.

Some story moved forward and a couple of characters got a little more interesting! Maybe it’s the mindset I’m in, but I’m kind of liking the unapologetic, uncomplicated villains here. Secondary characters? Belgravia Episode 3 Recap. Honestly, though, if you don’t happen to know that then this seems pretty tame.

And then he accuses her of ever doubting him, but need I point out again that these people barely know each other?). 4/27/2020 in Drama by Lacy Baugher (Photo: Carnival Films) Part of the reason the third episode of Belgravia feels a bit lackluster is simply the fact that the series’ two best characters are largely absent from it.

Maria and Charles crash one of Caroline’s tea parties so they can ask her to help them. Things happened this week!

and then you saw him at Charles’s office. I still want to know how she ended up getting invited to the Duchess of Bedford’s, though. I guess Caroline doesn’t really need the Trenchards on board to go public with this whole thing, but it’s nice that she’s holding back and letting them give her the go-ahead. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Wasn’t keeping her name clear pretty much the goal of everything you did for the last 25 years? “Sophia died,” she says matter-of-factly. The first 15 minutes of this period drama take us back to the eve of the Battle of Waterloo.

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Anyway, I digress: here’s what you need to know about episode one.

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