era5 citation

era5 citation
October 28, 2020

Atmospheric convection, dynamics and topography shape the scaling pattern of hourly rainfall extremes with temperature globally.

The accumulations in the short forecasts of ERA5-Land (with hourly steps from 01 to 24) are treated the same as those in ERA-Interim or ERA-Interim/Land, i.e., they are accumulated from the beginning of the forecast to the end of the forecast step.

Also note that it is NOT the spectral density that is encoded but rather log10 of it, so to recover the spectral density, expressed in m^2 /(radian Hz), one has to take the power 10 (10^) of the NON missing decoded values. ERA5 rain bombs: from time to time, the rainfall (precipitation) can become extremely large in small areas. The article Model grid box and time step might be useful. The article "Model grid box and time step" might be useful. Wave parameters (Table 7 above) for the three swell partitions: these parameters have been calculated incorrectly. (), 10.24381/cds.e2161bac, Muñoz Sabater, J., (2019): ERA5-Land monthly averaged data from 1981 to present.

Tables 1 and 2 below describe the surface parameters available in ERA5-Land (levtype=sfc). The once daily short forecasts, run from 00 UTC, also provide data hourly, with steps from 01 to 24. High-Resolution COSMO-CLM Modeling and an Assessment of Mesoscale Features Caused by Coastal Parameters at Near-Shore Arctic Zones (Kara Sea). ERA5 derived time series of European country-aggregate electricity demand, wind power generation and solar power generation: hourly data from 1979-2019. Copernicus Climate Change Service Climate Data Store (CDS), date of access . ERA5 will cover the period January 1950 to near real time, though the first segment of data to be released will span the period 2010-2016.\n\nERA5 is produced using high-resolution forecasts … For sub-daily data for the HRES (stream=oper/wave) the analyses (type=an) are available hourly. Worth to mention that the later default values will be changed soon (extra information in this HESS reference). Our recommendation is, for the time being, to use the uncertainty estimate of the corresponding ERA5 field, which should provide a second order approximation to the estimate of the real uncertainty. BT  (column water vapour, cloud liquid water, precipitation and ocean surface wind speed). An interactive open-access journal of the European Geosciences Union. As it was done for ERA5, the original plan for ERA5-Land was to provide an estimate of the uncertainty fields based on a dedicated 10-member ensemble run. ERA5 diurnal cycle for winds: the hourly data reveals a mismatch in the analysed near surface wind speed between the end of one assimilation cycle and the beginning of the next (which occurs at 9:00 and 21:00 UTC).

Table 0: the mapping, for forecasts, between MARS date, time and step and the CDS date and time.

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