horace and pete reddit

horace and pete reddit
October 28, 2020

", "Horace and Pete Is Coming to Hulu, Says Louis C.K., Who Didn't Lose Money on It", "Review: Louis C.K. As you watch, you feel the pain of all your ancestors, their shit lives, and you realize how difficult it is to connect with other people. My opinion on Horace is more neutral, but, in a way, his story is just as sad as Pete’s. had also offered the role to Jack Nicholson and Christopher Walken, before eventually considering and signing Alan Alda. and Queen Bey isn’t something you get to do too often.

Few attempts are made during Episode 7 to tear your guts out, to confront the Big Questions, to do much of anything really other than show a day in the life of our lovable (?)

I notice this same thing in Hicks and Carlin, I guess Louis doesn't get quite as angry.

[26][27] All of the ten episodes were edited by C.K. has a tight relationship with FX and, in general, a sterling reputation as a television creator, the initial instinct is to question why, exactly, he chose to go the self-distribution route with this project.

2,589, This story has been shared 2,420 times. 4,168, This story has been shared 3,733 times. They are starting to get on better until he explains that he kicked out Rachel so that she could move in. 2,265, This story has been shared 1,940 times.

It's uncomfortable to watch in parts but I found it utterly fascinating in it's play with boundaries which is, I think, the definition of Louis work and, it seems, some of his private life too.

I absolutely love it for its writing which is unlike anything I see or have ever seen on other shows. Horace tries to ask Uncle Pete not to attend the afternoon's meeting with Sylvia and her lawyer over the future of the bar, fearing he will inflame the situation, but this only infuriates him. 3,556, This story has been shared 3,441 times.

And it never stops being exciting to see a creator unafraid of experimenting — a creator who honestly seems to live for those opportunities. As someone on Twitter put it, “This is the content equivalent of a trust fall.”.

Watch 'Horace And Pete' Episode 7 on Hulu, This story has been shared 7,361 times. Dealing with the themes of abuse, mental illness, politics and family dynamics, the series focuses on Horace (played by C.K. I love the Trump commentary.

Minimal music, a lot of empty space, and sometimes the dialogue rambles until it's a little uncomfortable and that makes me super anxious.

[5][6], C.K. But I'm also a fan of plays/playwriting and that type of thing is becoming less and less appreciated as time goes on, and I can understand why someone would hate it. This was made possible by the very short time frames between the production and release of the episodes (less than a week). Because once out of Louis' hands and into the content devouring public, it really is up to the individual what they take from this.

They shot the show starting in early January 2016, with production lasting about five or six weeks. [21][22], The first episode was released on January 30, 2016, with no press or previous mention.

How Borat Crashed CPAC, Staged a Cotillion, and More. [24] On his website, he discussed the challenges of creating, shooting, and releasing a multi-camera TV show and addressed the pricing, revealing a tiered cheaper price for the remaining episodes of the show: $5 for the first episode, $2 for the next, and the $3 for the rest of the episodes. “I’m a person,” he insists.

Copyright © 2020 Penske Business Media, LLC. doesn’t need the money. and was someone C.K.

I think the premise is great, the acting is great but that's not what I watch it for. Clearly, most people here will think me wrong, and my body is ready for downboats, but how am I wrong?

[46] Nominations were announced in July 2016 and the series received two nominations: Laurie Metcalf for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series and Gina Sansom for Outstanding Multi-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series.

Because the weak don’t struggle—they just die. Watching it week-by-week as it was released felt very much like watching a play being workshopped.

Every single reason you listed as to why you hated the show, is totally valid. In the long anticipated and controversial comeback of Louis CK, he doesn't hold back when discussing topics like religion, god, pedophilia, traveling Europe, and of course his sexual misconduct accusations in his brand new special.

In this unique and dynamic live concert experience, Louis C.K. Later, Horace gets a disturbing phone call and visits Tricia in the hospital. The family hold a wake in the bar for Uncle Pete, who has recently committed suicide. Whatever you think of me, I’m alive. from doing this. Horace and Pete talk about the afterlife over breakfast. And I know I'm 2 years late to this party and all these discussions have probably been had, but he popped up on my front page and it prompted me to seek out "his people" and post this, so...here we go. That would've been brilliant.

Horace and Pete is an American web series created, written, and directed by Louis C.K., who describes it as a tragedy. For many years, the management has been watering down the drinks, justifying it to themselves by saying their alcoholic regular customers would be dead by now if they were drinking full-strength liquor.

's former Louie assistant editor Gina Sansom,[28] and had no predetermined running time, ranging in length from 30 minutes to 67 minutes. explain where the idea came from and how this was produced in relative secrecy will be fascinating. said that each episode cost half a million dollars to shoot. Maybe it’s the obsession with tradition or the extremely talky nature of the scenes, but the most novel thing about the episode is the distribution model.

It was basically like a “beta” in video games.

"[43] Seitz focused on the show's unique use of silence, in part a noted homage to a quote by recently deceased Garry Shandling on how there is value and meaning to be had in silence. The result: an episode where the funny bits are funny, the major sad thing involves a very minor character, and the politics feel exploratory and inquisitive rather than didactic and parodic. Comedian Rick Shapiro’s brief, brilliant performance here is one of the things I’ll take from this show alongside Metcalf’s star turn and  Paul Simon’s theme song, and I don’t expect to take much else.

It's your personal impression, and it totally counts. 1,379. She’s in our top 6 for ‘Succession’ And ‘Handmaid’s Tale’, Film Review: Kaamyaab (2020) by Hardik Mehta, Broadway Video’s Above Average & M. Blair Breard Team On Production Services Offering For Scripted Content, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Louis C.K./Regina King/Tinashe. [30], Horace and Pete's production, marketing, and distribution model sparked much debate over the strategic, financial, creative options available to content creators.

It'd have somewhat resembled a formulaic show watched for its pace and story. It felt feature-length, and most of that length was silence, either pushing brooms, or with people looking at one another as they (seemingly) struggled to improvise the next line.

Horace's ex-wife visits Horace and Pete's to get some advice.

“I’d like to make a contribution!” They both crack up. That said, for me, Episode 2 is going to be a much harder sell. Sign Up: Stay on top of the latest breaking film and TV news! I LOVE Louis, I've seen all his specials, Lucky Louie, Louie is always on in the background at home. I will grant you that the pacing sometimes felt off. If anyone gives you shit for not liking it then they're being dicks. But I personally, wasn't bothered by it.

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