kafka vs rabbitmq

kafka vs rabbitmq
October 28, 2020

Message broker is just one subset of Kafka but Kafka can also act as Message storage and Stream processing. Producers can modify this behavior to create logical streams of messages. (Version 3.8.0 simplifies this. Each consumer wishing to subscribe to an exchange creates a queue; the message exchange then queues produced messages for consumers to consume. In the publish/subscribe (or pub/sub) communication pattern, a single message can be received and processed by multiple subscribers concurrently.

Consumers request batches of messages from a specific offset. In RabbitMQ, you can define message priorities, and consumed message with high priority first. Consumers, in turn, use the same queue to retrieve messages to process them. Smart broker / dumb consumer model—consistent delivery of messages to consumers, at around the same speed as the broker monitors the consumer state. Also, Kafka uses sequential disk I/O, this approach boosts the performance of Kafka and makes it a leader option in queues implementation, and a safe choice for big data use cases. Producer send a message record to a topic, a topic is a category or feed name to which records are published, it can be partitioned, to get better performance, consumers subscribed to a topic and start to pull messages from it, when a topic is partitioned, then each partition get its own consumer instance, we called all instances of same consumer a consumer group. Applications that need to support legacy protocols, such as STOMP, MQTT, AMQP, 0-9-1. Both Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ are two of the most widely used pub-sub platforms, but there are telling differences between the two. RabbitMQ is the clear winner here. RabbitMQ is an older tool released in 2007 and was a primary component in messaging and SOA systems. If you’d like to read more regarding the internal implementation of RabbitMQ and Kafka, I recommend the following resources: A beginner’s guide to architecting a Flutter app, Stable Matching Problem and the Algorithm that Won a Nobel Prize, Serverless Shopify App Using Python and AWS Chalice, 3d Game Programming With Java and libGDX — Setting Up a Model With Blender. Kafka also provides a Streams API to process streams in real time and a Connectors API for easy integration with various data sources; however, these are out of the scope of this piece. By default, it uses a round-robin partitioner to spread messages uniformly across partitions. In Kafka messages are always remaining in the topic, also if they were consumed (limit time is defined by retention policy). Moreover, we will throw light on the best scenarios for when to use Kafka as well as RabbitMQ. Also, we will see a brief intro of Apache Kafka and RabbitMQ. Unlike RabbitMQ, which is based on queues and exchanges, Kafka’s storage layer is implemented using a partitioned transaction log.

Part 2 addresses these differences and provides guidance on when to use each. Because Kafka has partitions, you can get messages ordering in this unit.messages are routed to topics by message key, so, when choosing a correct key, you will get one partition for any key, with ordered messages.This can’t be achieved in RabbitMQ, only by trying by mimic this behavior by defining many queues and sending each message to a different queue, at scale, this can be hard to get. In an IoT scenario, we might want to have each producer’s identity map to a specific partition constantly.

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