moonlighting blu ray

moonlighting blu ray
October 28, 2020

Useful, free online tool that RC4-encrypts text and strings. As with any stream cipher, these can be used for encryption by combining it with the plaintext using bit-wise exclusive-or.

No ads, nonsense or garbage, just a Rivest Cipher 4 encrypter.

RC4 is a symmetric, stream cipher, and uses a series of swap, add, modulus, and exclusive-OR operations to perform its encryption.

For this exercise, let us assume that we know the encryption secret key is 24 bits. Press button, get result. RC4 generates a pseudo-random stream of bits (a key-stream).

Decryption is performed the same way (since exclusive-or is a symmetric operation).

In this practical scenario, we will create a simple cipher using the RC4 algorithm. We will then attempt to decrypt it using brute-force attack. We will use this information to break the cipher. We …

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