murdered: soul suspect walkthrough mental hospital

murdered: soul suspect walkthrough mental hospital
October 28, 2020

Teleport past the ghostly junk on the left. You will obtain another clue: Judge's Gavel for the Restoration Room case. Walk down the alley way and there’ll be a small right turn after the ghostly building where you’ll see a stack of barrels blocking the way. Exit the office and go to the right. Though, if you’re quick, you can execute it without using the raven at all. On the wall inside is Ghost Girl’s Messages 15/23: The Accused. Look to the side of the gate and you’ll see a ghostly tree with a wall behind it.

Follow the corridor and you will find the stairs to the second floor, on the left. Collect the Info About My Killer NEWS ARTICLE #6 from the table in the far corner. Return to the Cemetery entrance.

===== LUX AETERNA PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL ===== As soon as the cut-scene ends, turn around. There is an alleyway between this and the 1st Salem Bank on the left. Go to the Salem Museum near the restaurant, close to the petrol station.

Poltergeist the radio and then the doors to allow Joy to make it to the exit. Full game walkthrough for all 48 Achievements in Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox 360). Teleport into the recess at the other side of the tracks.

Teleport through the gap in the wall to find Ghost Stories: Eternal Flame 9/16.

Go through the double doors into the Surgical Instruction Theatre. take a look at the scroll on the bench, at the window.

At the side of this building is an area behind a fence. Teleport through the furniture to the left and continue onwards to find Joy.

Game Guide. Turn to your right and My Life 7/7: Beatdowns will be directly ahead of you.

Walk over to Joy and through the doors to return to the Town. MURDERED: SOUL SUSPECT™ > General Discussions > Topic Details. It is time to focus on the storyline. You need to get out of the museum. Continue on to enter a room with a number of demon portals in it. Inspect the note on her desk for Receptionist’s Office Clue 2/6: Visiting Hours Schedule. Remember that the museum is a location where you cannot return to. Check out the dinosaur by the door. Go into Room 204 for STRAIGHT JACKET #3. Table of Contents.

Follow Joy and Iris to exit the Hospital.

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Free Mobile App for you. Walk through the door into the laundry room. Avoid the two floor Demons and go to the other side of the cafeteria to a hole in the floor. Walk through the next door and you’ll see Room 216 to your left. Poltergeist the security camera to the left so Joy can sneak past the Orderly and get through the hallway. Quickly Poltergeist the security camera on the wall opposite the doors before the doors close so Joy can sneak into the Women's Ward. Analyze the drawing to the right of Iris using Two Girls and and Linked to receive Iris’s Room Clue 7/9: Bound Twins. Now that all three are dealt with, it’s time to continue. On a table nearby is Info About My Killer 31/39: Tabloid Article #1. Remove the barrels and head inside to find Info About My Killer 27/39: C. Nelson Family Photo. Walk past Joy and there’ll be a TV to the right. Collect the Info About My Killer TABLOID ARTICLE #2 from the cabinet under the security camera.

Turn to the left and inspect the photo of the kitten for Receptionist’s Office Clue 4/6: Inspirational Poster.

Drop down and you’ll be in room 104.

Approach Joy to automatically move into Room 216 (IRIS SEES ME).

Restoration Room . The timing for this one is also tricky, but there’ll be a time where the nearest one to you is facing away, while the furthest one is drifting off to the far corner. Analyze Details of the mural by the door. Turn around and Collect Salem's History ASYLUM DEDICATION PLAQUE on the wall close to the Receptionist's Office. From here, wait for the demon to turn its back and you can use the raven to distract it. community members have thanked the author. Walk out of the receptionist’s office to find Salem’s History 14/25: Asylum Dedication Plaque. Go past the security door. Choose: Burned at the stake, Rose, Tortures. In the far corner is a hole in the floor. The Best PlayStation Deals for October 2020.

Again, you need to answer the question of whether the Bell Killer used something similar for one of his crimes.

Collect Julia's Thoughts HOSPITAL SUPPORT in the curved hallway. As you’ve probably noticed, the room below is full of demons. There is a raven nearby, which you can use to distract the enemy. Dispossess the cat and walk back out through the fence. There are Demons in the area below. To the left of where the orderly was standing is a camera – quick Poltergeist this to allow Joy to continue. Enter the main hall and take a look at the stocks. Go up the stairs.

As soon as the second enemy is passing you by, kill it also. As you climb up the stairs, watch out for the ghost train, because it can run you over.

Once you’re back in control, turn to your right and walk through the door with the notice on it.

Go into the next room, a cafeteria. For the Restoration Room case, you only need one clue. Ahead of you will be three demon portals.

Close to the cannon, there is a compass cupboard. Facing away from the Cemetery, walk forward and turn right where you previously helped the ghost girl about her relationship.

Underneath the camera is Info About My Killer 34/39: Tabloid Article #2. The main mission "Examine the Exhibits" will be complete.

On the adjacent bench, there are necklaces. Head to the receptionist and Inspect the dinosaur to her right for Receptionist’s Office Clue 1/6: Get-Well Gift. Another main mission will start. You will obtain two clues: Baxter in the Museum and Symbol on Painting. Another main mission will start. Get STRAIGHT JACKET #9 in the far corner on the right.

The main mission "Get to the restoration Room" will be complete. Inside will be Ghost Stories: Man in the Box 4/10. Walk through the door of Room 104 into the hallway.

Collect the Info About My Killer TABLOID ARTICLE #1 on the table in the waiting room. Poltergeist the TV on the right to distract the orderly. Possess the receptionist and Influence her using Photo of Boy to gain Receptionist’s Office Clue 5/6: Loved One.

Head down the alley behind the taxi and you'll reach Le Bistro DE Crabe Moitre. Approach the ghost train and run leftwards of the recess. Walk through the door to find Ghost Stories: Man in the Box 3/10 on the other side. Walk forwards for a cutscene.

The main mission "Examine the Restoration Room" will be complete.

Follow Joy until she stops and then turn around. Go to the left and Poltergeist the access panel to open the door to the exit. There is only one left. A clue: Bell Killer's targets are mediums is yours.

Walk around the corner here and in the distance, behind some swings, you’ll see Julia’s Thoughts 26/38: The Day We Met on the floor. After you complete the investigation, you first need to answer a question is any of the items connected with the Bell Killer's case"?

Poltergeist another access pad. You will walk into a big room, which you need to leave through the door with a can in it. for iPhone and iPad.

Exit the receptionist's office.

Choose : Wet Chair, Sophia, Drown, Water. Starting with Joy, look to her right and inspect the crayons on the table for Iris’s Room Clue 2/9: Crayons. Leave room 105 via the door and turn right. Firstly, head back to room 105. Go to the grate at the window, now and hide in the cover behind it. Finish off the third Demon.

This mission becomes available after you complete the investigation into whether the Bell Killer drew his inspiration from witch trials.

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