paper mario ttyd partner upgrades

paper mario ttyd partner upgrades
October 28, 2020

Fully upgrade all partners (and as a consequence all shines, but duping is allowed) [Hide] Prologue Lord Crump Mario: Full Jump Superguard Mario: Full Jump Level = 1.09. Dupe the **Shine Sprite** next to General White's house **[17-18/42]** [section=Glitzville] Level = 2.52 ")Continue right with Yoshi and grab the Shine Sprite on top of the house [35/42]Clip into Bobbery’s house to get the Shine Sprite [36/42]One more Shine Sprite across the water (hover with Yoshi) [37/42]Void out by closing a textbox while falling in the water with Yoshi, or Flurrie Superslide on the right door, Head down the pipe back to Hooktail CastleGet the Up Arrow and Attack FX BGet the Shine Sprite in Blooper room [38/42]Take the boat panel back and go up to East Rogueport, Climb up the inn and talk to Ms. Mowz on Zess T.'s rooftopMs. Super Fun Quirk Quiz 65 (1, 3, 4, 2, 3 [if necessary: 1, 2]) Open and use the pipe on the right Hammer the tree to knock Bobbery down If you’re using the Don Pianta Jump Storage for the Ultra Hammer, go to the train station to reset Charlieton if you didn’t get Mega Rush first try (don’t reset just for the Boo’s Sheet) Get the **Shine Sprite** in Blooper room **[38/42]** ➢ Power Bounce ➢ Mega Rush ➢ Mario: Power Bounce x4 (saving the higher bounces for later skips some text) ➢ Beat 2-1 (154 is the fastest possible time) Unlock the Black Chest to get the Tube Curse ➢ All Black Chest Curses If you didn’t get rejected by the Twilight Town pipe yet, Double Jump or Super Jump to the pipe and get the **Shine Sprite** now **[10/42]** If you already got the Ultra Hammer, go to the sewers and Super Jump to get rejected by the Twilight Town pipe and grab the **Shine Sprite** **[9/42]** Get the **Shine Sprite** by the Chapter 1 pipe **[34/42]** Get the Castle Key ➢ Equip Double Dip P (down 2 -> A) It saves 8 seconds. You should have the following badges equipped: Go down the pipe and exit to the right Unlock the red cage to free the Puni Elder ➢ Check the e-mail so that you don’t get text explaining e-mails again (B x2 -> left 1 -> A -> down 1 -> A x3)

Note: Leave the memory card out to skip the autosave at the start of the game. Level = 1.34

Chase Grubba to the arena

[section=The Great Tree] Koops joins your party Leave the Grotto

Check the black chest in the wrecked ship at the end of the path Stand on the pedestal in front of the Thousand-Year Door

[section=Keelhaul Key] 3rd-Ms.Mouz- Has a healing ability, has a move that pierces defense, can steal items/Badges, and can confuse enemies. **Fuzzies** Peach e-mail before the bridge in Petal Meadows ➢ Yoshi: Thunder Rage (mash A) Use the plane panel to reach the locked door

➢ Enter the first door on the right ➢ Failed Power Shell Push Bobbery on the stairs in the house to get the **Shine Sprite** behind the houses in West Rogueport **[39/42]** *If Shadow Queen targeted Bobbery:* ➢ Mega Rush Talk to Pennington in Cabin 006 Go hit the water switch and grab the **Shine Sprite** **[5 or 7/42]** Use Tube Mode to move through the next three screens (swap to Flurrie while accelerating) ➢ Equip Mega Rush (A) **True Form** Get the **Thunder Rage** from the invisible block upstairs (above the block on the ground) Level = 4.85 Go back to the room with the Save Block and ride the green block up to unlock the door If you have 2 Life Shrooms or 1 Life Shroom and 2 Boo's Sheet, get the **Shooting Star** before the Bombshell Bills However, you can clip out of bounds in paper mode at the bottom-right corner of the room, which will place you back up to the upper hallway.

➢ Visit TEC ➢ Bobbery: Bomb Squad (down 1) ➢ Power Rush **Bristles** ➢ Power Rush ➢ Power Bounce Run away from Doopliss

If the player reaches Level 10, he or she must choose to upgrade FP and refrain from using more than 5 FP at all times. The Thousand-Year Door borrows many gameplay elements from its predecessor, such as a drawing-based art style, and a turn-based battle system with an emphasis on … Swap to Flurrie in the background, or to Koops if you are going to Double Jump to the Twilight Town pipe If you plan on hitting a Save Block to save at any point, it is faster to hit the Save Block and say no so that Goombella doesn’t explain saving to you. The same strat works against the south wall for the second set of Bill Blasters. Break the gray block and open the left pipe to Poshley Heights Head through the vent to trigger a later point in the chapter **Embers** ➢ Goombella: Headbonk x2 ➢ Goombella: Headbonk x2 Take the Chuckola Cola back to Bobbery ➢ Partner: If Bomb Squad only triggered 1 textbox and you have 2 Boo's Sheets, use one (down 1-2 or top) on Mario. Level = 4.18 Take the spring back to the main area Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a 2004 role-playing video game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo for the GameCube.

➢ Equip Power Plus (down 2 -> A) ➢ Koops: Power Shell

➢ Multibounce

E-mail at the beginning of the dining car
➢ Guard Fuzzy horde **Shadow Queen** The following badges should be equipped: Head backstage through the left door and walk around to Grubba's office **Westside Goods** The link to that post can be found here: ➢ Shooting Star ➢ Equip Charge (R -> up 1 -> A [one less up input for every extra badge you bought from Charlieton]) Archived. Go right and use the 3 Card Keys ➢ Boo’s Sheet ➢ Mario: Power Bounce x5 (swap Mario to the back if any bombs are close to Mario and you only have 1 Boo’s Sheet) [section=Hooktail Castle]

Note: You can jump to the window without hitting the second block.

Head down to the Thousand-Year Door via east sewers Go through the bottom door and hit the red switch once using Koops

Use Yoshi to run to the front of the train If you are not in Peril, drop down into the well and take damage from the Buzzy Beetle, then run away In this run, the player plays through the game under Level Zero conditions, or OBPNBNLP, which stands for Only Badge Points, No Badges, No Leveled Partners.

➢ Boo’s Sheet ➢ Mario: Power Bounce x6 (x5 if you Superguarded) on Magnus ➢ Visit TEC for dancing (just walk around the door until it opens, need to hit 10 out of the 16 dance cues correctly) Take the elevator to Sublevel 4 and talk to TEC

Sometimes, the stage itself may try to hurt Mario and his partners or sometimes even the enemy themselves. TGet the Galley Pot from the drawer, If you don’t have the Boo’s Sheet from Charlieton and want to be safe for invincible Shadow Queen, you can buy a Boo’s Sheet at Sales Stall as long as you have 20+ coins, Talk to Pennington in Cabin 006Talk to Sylvia in Cabin 008 to find out about Bub’s present (pick the first option)Talk to Bub twice moreTalk to the conductorGet the Autograph from the engineerGive Bub the Autograph for the Shine Sprite [19/42], Talk to the conductorUse Vivian to talk to Ghost T. in Cabin 004Get the Ragged Diary from the baggage carGive the Ragged Diary to Ghost T.Give the Blanket to the conductor (receive Mushroom or toss it if inventory is full)Dupe the Shine Sprite in Cabin 005 and go to sleep [20-21/42], E-mail at the beginning of the dining carHead to Cabin 006 to talk to PenningtonGet the Vital Paper in Cabin 001Return to Cabin 006 and give Pennington the Vital PaperUse Vivian to catch Zip Toad in Cabin 005Return the Briefcase when promptedExit the trainTalk to the Riverside worker to get the Station KeyUnlock the door and head inside, Use Tube Mode to hit the blue switch in the second roomGo up the stairs and get the Station Key in the next room with YoshiGo back one room and unlock the door to go outsideDrop down and blow away the posters with FlurrieUse Tube Mode to enter the mazeGet P-Up, D-Down and proceed through the next two rooms, Goombas➢ Swap to Koops➢ Failed Power ShellLevel = 4.18, Hit the numbered switches to spawn the stairsGet the Shine Sprite with Koops [22/42]Get the Ultra Boots, Spring Jump to get the Elevator KeyBegin backtracking to the first room of RiversideDupe the Shine Sprite in the outside section [23-24/42]Get the Thunder Rage from the invisible block upstairs (above the block on the ground)Ride the elevator down and hammer the Smorgs awayActivate both switches to lower the bridgeE-mail in front of the train, Go to sleep in Cabin 005Go talk to engineer to start the Smorg sequenceE-mail at the beginning of the dining carHead all the way left and clear the Smorgs in the baggage carSpring Jump up to the roofUse Yoshi to run to the front of the train, You should have the following badges equipped:➢ Power Plus➢ Mega Rush➢ Power Rush➢ Multibounce (unnecessary for now), Smorg➢ Yoshi: Thunder Rage (up 2, or up 1 if you don't have the Life Shroom from Hooktail Castle)➢ Mario: Spin Jump (hit both Action Commands)➢ Yoshi: Thunder Rage (mash A)➢ Mario: Spin Jump (hit both Action Commands)➢ Guard Smorg's claw attack➢ Mario: Spin Jump on the body (hit both Action Commands)Level = 4.61, Get off the Excess Express (do not sleep in the bed)Grab the Shine Sprite outside Poshley Sanctum [25/42]Go back to Rogueport Sewers via the blue pipeOpen and use the pipe on the right, Head right and get the Thunder Rage on the cliff screenRun around the bridge on Yoshi to get Ice PowerGet the Shine Sprite behind the trees [26/42], Open the Badge menu before doing Bobbery Early➢ Unequip Power Plus (down 3 -> A)➢ Equip Power Bounce (R -> A [add 1 down input for every extra badge from Charlieton])➢ Equip Ice Power (L -> A)➢ Equip P-Up, D-Down (down 1 -> A)➢ Swap to Goombella, You should have the following badges equipped:➢ Ice Power➢ P-Up, D-Down (unnecessary for now)➢ Mega Rush➢ Power Rush➢ Power Bounce (unnecessary for now)➢ Multibounce, Embers➢ Mario: Multibounce (up 2)Level = 4.85, Sort Glitch or just use the Dried Shroom if you wantGet a Coconut on the screen to the leftGet the Shine Sprite to the left of the cliffs [27/42]Give the Coconut to Flavio (mash A) for the Chuckola ColaTake the Chuckola Cola back to BobberyBobbery joins your partyPerform Pirate's Grotto Early, Get the Shine Sprite on the boat (can get this on the way out if you want to be safe) [28/42]Head right, up, and around for the Grotto KeyRide the crate up to get the Shine Sprite [29/42]Dupe the Shine Sprite near the Parabuzzy at the top of the cliff [30-31/42]Drop down and unlock the door, then head downUse Koops to get the Shine Sprite over the water [32/42]Hammer the invisible block and get the Shine Sprite [33/42]. ➢ P-Up, D-Down (unnecessary for now) Leave Flurrie’s house for the Shadow Sirens cutscene **Magnus von Grapple 2.0** ➢ Ice Power (unnecessary, and might not be equipped) Get **Quake Hammer** from the block on the way to the Shadow Sirens Take the pipe up to East Rogueport ➢ Ultra Hammer ➢ Failed Power Shell 5 6 7.

Hit the stair switch with Bobbery

Sort Glitch or just use the Dried Shroom if you want ➢ Power Bounce Grab the **Shine Sprite** near the Buzzy Beetle **[13/42]** Get a **Coconut** on the screen to the left ➢ Failed Power Shell **Macho Grubba** Use Tube Mode to bypass the gate and enter Creepy Steeple ➢ Mario: Fright Mask (up 1)
Go to the Great Tree

**Goombas** If this hits Mario, his … I can understand why you might switch them. [section=Pre-Chapter 3] Run between the Bombshell Bills Decline the Action Command tutorial (menu up for the first option, then mash B for the second) Get the **Shine Sprite** **[2/42]** Flurrie joins your party

➢ Partner: Swap to Vivian/Flurrie (**if Mario has 4 HP or less:** Mushroom [down 1-2] on Mario) The Stage is one of the main features of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. **Souvenir Shop** This challenge is nearly identical to (but strictly harder than) Level Negative One. ➢ Unequip Power Bounce (up 1 -> A)

Previous. [section=Prologue]

➢ Goombella: Rally Wink (up 1) Goombella joins your party Break Contact Lens.

Level = 4.15 // BP = 9

➢ Multibounce (unnecessary) **Open the Badge menu before getting Double Dip P** **Embers** ➢ Fully upgrade all partners (and as a consequence all shines, but duping is allowed)

Bobbery joins your party

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