preaching to the choir alternative

preaching to the choir alternative
October 28, 2020

Not mine originally, BTW, I saw it in a comment on WEIT. After the hard work of our lives is done, what better than resting and peace? He is perceived as being timid, therefore directing his comments to those who will be receptive.Preaching to the choir is not something that any good communicator should do.

When using a secular version we should make sure to stress the negative context. Give it a negative spin of wasted effort and vapid, substanceless nonsense? I’d like to think that it conveys the point that I don’t take the god or the christhood seriously.

* I think many of the others were too narrowly or specifically typecast, or they did not completely and accurately convey the point, or they had negative associations (Such as maniac)… so personally, these are the one I would stick with. Even if you can’t/won’t buy, you and the seller are going to get something out of the interaction. A bit like “the exception proves the rule” or “it beggars belief”. It’s not even a guaranteed honest agreement when you preach to them. Through education, consultation, and outreach, we offer person-directed principles and practices that support the unique needs of different living environments, ranging from the nursing home to the neighborhood street. It is awfully rude behavior. Culture, Engagement. I mean, yeah, I’m calling your baby cute and all, but when you’re right, you’re right. Alternatives to R.I.P.
They just sneezed; they didn’t have an attack. I’d like to read more posts along these lines. Certified Eden At Home Associate Training visit Here.

Or “keeping a straight close the vest”? It can be nicely varied in different circumstances: ‘You’ve got to do more than preach to the choir now. Explaining logic to Vulcans? I like “lecturing to the faculty” or something like that. I’ll make it as ignorant as possible, depending on the company, like “Jesus H fucking Christ!” or “Fuck Jesus in the asshole!” and “Bloody Christ!” Why is honesty so fucking hard? = Remembered In Fondness I like the above “Giving the fish swimming lessons.” But I would phrase it, “Teaching the fish to swim.”, (Seriously though, I support “Lecturing the Faculty, despite its minor flaws.). @93 John Wood: I agree. But we need to be “Evangelists for Culture Change”. Haven’t been able to come up with anything better myself. Selling whiskey to Jack Daniels? Anyways, this is quite a relevant quote(Wikipedea): Participants in online communities may find their own opinions constantly echoed back to them, which reinforces their individual belief systems. You could tweak it to be more clearly redundant but it already suffers from being a bit of a mouthful. Thank “Bob.” Thank “Connie.” Preaching there is preaching, but it is also known as “ranting.” Saying something after someone has sneezed is unnecessary. Our lack of belief in god doesn’t break the metaphor of someone preaching to people who almost certainly already believe what one says. I don’t have my own suggestion, but I +1 “lecturing to the faculty”. Seems more than a little Orwellian. But again, my guess would be that at least 90 percent are Culture Change supporters. I like “lecturing to the faculty” and “kicking at open doors,” myself. I agree with IXU. This was an experience I will long treasure. Unfortunately, “There but for a series of random events outside of my control go I” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…. It’s always irritated me when scientists refer to non-professionals as laypeople. I get it now. Merry Christmas = Hail Satan

Multiple commenters claiming this is Orwellian? Focusing on trivial matters that no one cares about makes people around you think you are a glib and superficial person which undermines anything of substance you might want to convey., The etymology of Indian Summer is not as clearly an ethnic slur as you suggest either. : No, the retarded intellectual development in these spoiled cry-babies see equality and empiricism as oppression, all the while the dumbfuck godsheep think they have the right to tell everyone what is appropriate for everyone else, and by not having unfettered freedom to disdain and judge others, is an imposition on THEIR ‘freedom’ to practice their religion, and that we are really Satan’s army of heathens and blasphemers. tv, something that takes a heck of a lot of science to work, yet shows reruns of things that are way out of date, rare good new stuff(mostly utter crap sold as the greatest idea), lot of infomercials for things that are useless, possibly dangerous, but ya just gotta buy… perhaps too easy to relate science to religion with it, might work. An interdisciplinary four-year study is presented that aims at reaching consumers who are hardly interested in the topicof sustainable development and to educate and motivate them to become more sustainable consumers. That’s against new atheist dogma i 4got mahbad.

I’m can’t get tangled up in de-Godding my language. No fucking respite, or place to feel safe without being reminded of their inequality and threat to violence because they aren’t taken seriously enough to respect their fucking situation. How about “lecturing cats”? “teaching fish to swim” Cleansing language always makes me nervous, unless it’s to remove blatantly offensive words (the n-word, f’rinstance). You’re making atheism divisive against the general, secular-but-not-atheist culture. I am not familiar enough with science to suggest the right phrase. But I know I’m not the only one who cares about this. The Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being℠. How about, as others have said, just use “Preaching to the choir?” I, too, am an outspoken atheist, but, I think, if our goal is to encourage perspectives to broaden, it’s best not to come up with different terms that’ll likely cause the true meaning to be lost. The opportunities are there! And you look like a harsh, uncaring fool when you refuse to make basic statements of sympathy like “Rest in Peace.”. It’s often an accolade for high level selling skills, not a waste of effort for someone too oblivious or lazy to choose a harder audience as “preaching to the choir” is. But we need to be “Evangelists for Culture Change”. Contact the authors individually for further information. @inproceedings{d8adff90983611dcac24000ea68e967b.

So many good ones already out there, but how about something simple like; “Stating the obvious,” I think it implies that if it’s “obvious,” the group you’re speaking to already accepts what you have to say and needs no further argument. Thanks for sharing and calling us all to action, Mel. The design of the training is such that Associates not only learn how to apply the ten principles and the Domains of Well-Being to home and community based organizations, but they leave empowered to share this knowledge with the greater community in the form of workshops. Teaching a fish to swim will not make them under your control more.. in fact–they will just get away from you more.. (although they already could..) and lecturing at the faculty doesn’t get at the fact that even if you do lecture a faculty–you still might not persuade them at all–they will probably just ignore you… So the power dynamic is not the same…. The problem is that there are no other groups who, by definition, will accept what you say uncritically.

“And I think every atheist gets to make their own decisions about this. And it may be more useful to see which concepts need a metaphor and which don’t.

Another way of saying “we agree” without saying ‘stop lecturing me!’ is “We’re singing from the same songbook” or “We’re both on the same page.”, A bit late to this, but what about: Powered by Pure, Scopus & Elsevier Fingerprint Engine™ © 2020 Elsevier B.V. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content. I don’t want to endorse that concept. “Selling ice to Eskimos” is not only out of order for obvious reasons, it has entirely the wrong connotations. A comedian who’s act goes over the audience’s head used to be said to be ‘cracking up the band.’. Religion has gotten to dominate the conversation about almost everything… and the degree to which it permeates the language, even in entirely secular conversation, perpetuates this. Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapport › Konferencebidrag i proceedings › Forskning. It’s like being spit in the face, or reminded that you aren’t far from it happening, 20 – 30 times a day. No historically ethnic/gender slurs here. 4) Pitching to the sales team. An interdisciplinary four-year study is presented that aims at reaching consumers who are hardly interested in the topicof sustainable development and to educate and motivate them to become more sustainable consumers. That’s what fucking pisses me off about words with religious connotations and the fucking irrational thinking that they endorse every time they are used. The Dutch meaning of preaching to the choir certainly has a negative meaning. 2. I was immediately reminded of Theramin Tree’s video “Preaching to the Converted” for its interesting reasoning on the topic.

Seems, to me, best if folks entertain at least some curiosity about what we REALLY mean. Every atheist gets to make their own judgments about whether a certain word or phrase has become sufficiently secularized for them to feel comfortable using it. No so coincidentally, there is an Eden At Home Training in St Petersburg, Florida on April 28-30. Perhaps “Confirming the Converted” or “Galvanizing the (Peanut) Gallery” could work for variety? I’m off back to the unelect of the slyme pit, seducing the willing and eager Well said, Mel.

Advertising to the sales team. Maybe if you were a second class, oppressed and belittled and sneered at, or even under threat of violence by some unthinking, unaware dipshit that gets his attitude reinforced by the little things in everyday language that the unfeeling fuckwads thinks insist that we “don’t get uptight over nothing,” you might have the understanding of an emotionally competent adult. (The link goes to a YouTube video of it). I watched that light bulb go on over her head. Defending Sirius Black at Immeritus And I like kicking at open doors for the case where the preaching is simply useless (whether because the audience is already swayed or will not be swayed). MJtheProphet says: This can create significant barriers to critical discourse within an online medium. The paper reports on research in progress. However, if the phrase “preaching to the choir” is broken down to its most basic elements, it is sort of secular. Yes, sharing our knowledge, experience and best practices with each other is wonderful and powerful and certainly helps move us forward. The amazing thing was the way the rest of the workshop participants responded.

One can say a timeshare agent ‘preaches’ the benefits of Myrtle Beach Condos! Every atheist gets to make their own judgments about whether a certain word or phrase has become sufficiently secularized for them to feel comfortable using it. (As former preacher and Atheist Nexus founder Richard Haynes said at the Atheist Alliance of America conference last weekend, “Sure, you preach to the choir — that’s how you get them to sing.”). I was in my junior high school choir (my singing career ended there), and we did not sing any songs that were overtly religious. Or maybe “seducing the wanton”? It is time to push our movement forward and get out of our comfort zones. My husband;s 91 year-old granny said “fuck!” regularly. Search this blog. Lucia Reisch, Sabine Bietz, Martin Kreeb.
The imagery immediately conveys what is meant. Smelling up the outhouse = preaching to the devout. encouraging the manic boy Of the ones suggested, I like “rallying the cheerleaders”.

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