smokepurpp audi 2 lyrics

smokepurpp audi 2 lyrics
October 28, 2020


Omar Pineiro (born May 15, 1997), known professionally as Smokepurpp, is an American rapper from Miami, Florida. Smokepurpp – Audi 2 Lyrics. Pineiro released his first music video "It’s Nothin" with Lil Ominous on September 23, 2014.

"Audi II" lyrics. / Phantom got curtains, I sit in the back (Sit in the) / Amiris too I need a bag, f**k a b**ch Smokin’ biscotti and cookie, I mix Pop me a Perc’, f**k a b**ch She didn’t want me, she want me again.. Pop me a perc, fuck a bitch (Perc!) Then I’ma bust on her face I wanted an Audi, but then bought a Wraith (Skrrt) I need a bag, fuck a bitch Smokin’ biscotti and cookie, I mix (Smoke) She didn't want me, she want me again (Bitch!) Smokepurpp. Lyrics to 'Audi.' Stevie Lyrics: (Yeah) / I had to show niggas I'm really back (Yeah) / They thought I fell off, now they takin' it back (Huh?) Smokepurpp - Audi 2 (Official Music Video Lyrics) - YouTube Lyrics: Yeah, boy / Yuh, uh (I know that bitch want me), Lil Purpp / Lil Purpp hurt / Turn the fuck up, nigga (Yuh, I know that bitch want me nigga) / Fuck Donald Trump, nigga (That bitch by SmokePurpp. (Oh my God, Ronny) I need a bag, fuck a bitch Smokin' biscotti and cookie I mix (Smoke!)

Smokepurpp Lyrics "Audi II" Lil Purpp, Bless yo trap Bitch!

Yeah, boy yuh I know that bitch want me Lil Purpp Lil purpp hurt

Audi 2 - Smokepurpp Lyrics, Letra: Intro Uh (Yeah) Lil Purpp bless yo trap (Bitch) Ayy (Oh my God, Ronny) Chorus I need a bag, fuck a bitch Smokin' - Smokepurpp - Audi 2 Letra Lyrics Músic.

Let the lil hoe suck the dick like a tit (Tit) Tell 'em I bust in her face I wanted an Audi but then bought a Wraith (Skrrt) I need a bag, fuck a bitch Audi.

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