thank you in portuguese

thank you in portuguese
October 28, 2020

– “did you hear?”, and when you translate it directly it seems like a strange thing to say after thanking someone.

The only time you will hear this (unless, of course, they are reporting what someone else was saying), is if it is used as an interjection – and not as an adjective. Valeu pela viagem. Tenho uma casinha (I have a little house). Obrigado for your attention: The simplest way to say “thank you” in Portuguese is obrigado. If you want to thank someone on behalf of a group, you can't do it one word; instead you could say something like te agredecemos.
De nada or por nada literally means, it’s nothing, or it was no trouble/problem. When we it with a verb, it will always keep the por form.

There are some other words which can also be used to also say thank you in Portuguese – although obrigado(a) is the most commonly used term. Fluent in 3 months - Language Hacking and Travel Tips. mixpanel.track_links('.box-promo-link', 'Blog box promo link click'); jQuery('body').on('click', '#boxzilla-overlay, .boxzilla-close-icon', function() { mixpanel.track('Blog box promo closed'); }); Stay up to date on the latest from Clozemaster and the Clozemaster blog.
), What if a simple “thanks” isn't enough? It means “thankful” or “grateful”. But it is what it is, and other romance languages, such as French, Spanish and Italian, also make this differentiation. It's like saying “no thanks”, except without the “no”. Imagine, for example, that you get invited around to someone’s house for lunch (almoço). Linguistics can be a fascinating [...], It's September and people are going back to school and are learning languages inside classrooms again. If you are thinking that this doesn’t make much sense, I can’t disagree with you. Obigrado can't fit in here.

It comes from the Latin obligare – or in English, to be obliged. When we are saying thank you, we usually want to say what we are being thankful for. Valeu pelo dinheiro. Occasionally, you might hear a female use the word “obrigado!” to say “thank you” in Portuguese. Here's an interesting subtlety about the word obrigado. Say obrigado if you’re a man and obrigada if you’re a woman. If you say “obrigado” or “obrigada” when you are about to be offered something, they will often take that to mean no thanks! You will probably be able to tell if someone is thanking you or picking a fight with you, however. All the Essential Ways to Say “Thank You” in Portuguese. This is because one of the meanings of the word graças is “thanks to”. What if you want to say “thank you very much”? We can say that valeu corresponds to “thanks”, also used in informal situations. The word “thank you” in Portuguese is not as straightforward as it could be. Unlike in a lot of other languages, however, the word for “thank you” in Portuguese changes depending on who is saying it. Try Clozemaster – over 50 languages and thousands of sentences to help you take your language learning to the next level. And here, we must apply the same genders rule.

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