twilight princess mirror of twilight walkthrough

twilight princess mirror of twilight walkthrough
October 28, 2020

Considering that there are less than ten people in the town, though, perhaps it’s not too surprising that everyone knows your name. It seems like the wisest option here is to grab a stick from the ground, set it alight at the torch nearby, then attempt to light the fire in the fireplace. There’s a rock in the ground near it; blow it up with a bomb, then step on the switch that’s revealed to open the door to the west. Return to the explospider, block another one, then run and jump across the gap you just freed up before throwing the spider towards the rock on top of the nearby platform; that’ll blow up, revealing the path to Room 8. At the end of the cave, you’ll find a room with two lanterns; light them both to reveal a Piece of Heart. Fortunately for you, there are also a bunch of ghosts here which you can see with your wolf Senses. You won’t be able to warp it anywhere until you speak to Shad again and hint that he should take another long break, so speak to him again to get him to leave. If you use it on the vines/rope ladder above the watering hole, you can take the walkways that lead above the alleyways behind the building there. Head downstairs and use your animal senses to talk to the soldier’s spirit. Lower yourself down via the analog stick to find the Big Key. Remember that jumping puzzle we told you not to bother with before?

Ralis will tell you how to approach Snowpeak. Hop across the southern gap at the top of the ladder to find a chest with a 20-rupee piece inside it, then hop north, then east to get onto the stone path. You have to pull the chain, then release it so that you have time to actually make it to the door before the wall closes back up. Run over and whack on it with your sword! You can find the pattern by using your boomerang on the leaves in front of the door. Masses of orcs dwell within the camp north of the desert. Where’s the bigger bomb bag? The third and fourth bottles can be found later in the game. If you walk her back to her house, she’ll reward you with the Fishing Pole. You can check for some strategies on this by hitting our Heart Container locations page later in this guide. Room 2 You’ll meet the Yeti’s wife here. Before you get roasted, push one of the nearby blocks to the side of the bridge, then climb up and dive off to Lake Hylia down below. Use your iron boots to prevent Zant from shaking you around on the platform, wait for him to shoot you with magic, then de-equip the boots and run over to whack him while he’s standing there panting. Head to the northeastern edge of the desert and alert the orcs there to your presence. After a few go-rounds of this nature, the creature pops up in the water on its back. Now would be a great time for you perfectionists to track down any remaining Pieces of Heart or pursue the upgrade path for anything you still want to upgrade; if you kept giving money to the Goron in Malo’s Mart, you may be able to buy the magic armor in their shop in the central area of Castle Town, for instance. Dig up the pit and drag out the chain to reveal the third Poe. After you damage the ghost enough, he’ll become corporeal. If you accept his offer, and manage to hit three straight bow shots of increasing difficulty, the creepy shopkeeper kid will give you another Piece of Heart.

They’re perfectly killable in wolf form; just use your jumping attack three times on them to make them disappear, then three more times to finish them off for good. She’ll give you the Horse Call. If you kill the blockheads (by firing an arrow into their red crystal), you can pull them away from the pathways that they block. It’s currently unreachable, so grab the stone statue you brought up from 3F, run past the spinning spike things, and place the statue on one of the pressure panels on the southern side of the room. All of the kids have been kidnapped, blah, blah, blah. There are six pillars with windmills atop them here. Leap over to it and press A at the right time to jump across to the platform leading to Room 4. Also note that this list is mostly ordered in the order in which you can obtain the Pieces, so if you like, feel free to print out the list and use it as an actual checklist, with pen-marked checks and everything. You’ll probably need to grab two fish here for whatever reason. We found it best to start on the rightmost groove and try to hop from there. The leader can summon more of these fellows when you kill them off, though, so it’s not important to kill them. Once he vanishes, hit the hand to the north, carry the Sol and run to put it in the middle of the room. Doing so, though, will blow up the entire building. In a tree in Hyrule Field north of Faron. Me-ow. After you gain the Iron Boots, ride on Epona and do the ranch-herding game in Ordon one last time for the Heart Piece. That problem will be solved when you kill the shadow beings that ambush you outside of town. You may need some padding on the health to take down Blizzeta, but she’ll go down eventually. Also, if you check your map, you should see two hills that glow green on it. Open the door and nab the Dungeon Map. You’ll be able to get a few shots in before he fades away, and if you hit him before he releases the ball of energy, you’ll disrupt it and won’t have to fight any more monsters. Stand on it and go through the room to the south door. Now that you have the ball and chain, you can smash the ice shroud on the northeastern block as well as the ice that covers the middle switch here. Move up close to it and let Midna investigate it. Start making your way up the stairwell outside the door that opened when you defeated Stallord. There are two monkeys in the rooms to the south and east of this room, but to reach them, you’ll have to find some way to destroy the large plants that are blocking your path. Head back to Death Mountain and climb the ropes near the entrance. Still hurrying as the hand is chasing you, go to the middle of the room, drop the Sol in the recess, then climb the magic stairs and pick up the Sol using the Clawshot before the hand picks it up. The Northwestern Hills: When you climb out the window leading to the top of the bomb shop, take a left and you’ll come out to the hills above town. You’ll have to run across the field, avoiding monsters, then splash the springwater on the Goron across the bridge.

Again. Do this to reach the middle platform, then clawshot your way up to the vine-covered pillar above you, then repeat the oocca flight procedure to reach the north end of the room. It’s been almost two and a a half years since the release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker for the Nintendo GameCube. As you ride along around the corner, fire your arrows into the rope holding the bridge there in place. Note that the miniboss fight here is pretty brusing; he’ll take off a full health container per hit. Their parents are probably worried sick about them, but do these kids worry about anyone but themselves? Go on to the south, throw the Sol, then climb, pick it up and open the door to the south. Do this twice more so he will surrender. As a note, you can obtain a Piece of Heart here in the village. Sucker! Return to Kakariko Village and start tracking down the rest of the tears. When the chandelier falls, climb up it and hop from the eastern edge to the easter door and move on. As with most ghost enemies, he’ll flash just before he attacks; use your wolf form’s leap attack to deal a good amount of damage to him. Then attack the three Zant's heads while avoiding their energy balls to make a chest appear. Then theres this place which is on top of the temple called the Twilight Mirror Chamber. When you’ve revealed the secret chest, head north and start clawshotting around the room.

This is going to be your first taste of horsified combat, but you shouldn’t find it too difficult. Target the clawshot point to your north, then turn around and look up. Please be as detailed as you can when making an answer. Light both of the lanterns here to cause a chest with a Piece of Heart to appear. They might as well be intelligent chickens for all the help Ooccoo’s given you during the game; we’d gotten to this point without ever using him/her/it once.

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